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* The SiteGround Rap * :

Lyrics By Sharron-Idol – September 2016

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SiteGround Rap (2nd version) Lyrics

Sharron-Idol September 2016

The SiteGround Rap is pretty easy to learn. It consists of just 4 short verses.
No rocket-science, no Mensa-challenge; just easy rap: –

  • Verse 1: Let SiteGround hosting host your website.
    One great deal that makes it all right.
    Awe-some offer, discount-price;
    ‘Seal a deal that’s oh so nice: –

  • Verse 2: There’s no down time and that’s the answer;
    With a great big low-cost do-main-transfer.
    Save your worries, save the day:

(Spoken)  “Y’all listen to me: –”

  • Verse 3: There’s a choice of deals for your situ-a-tion.
    ‘Choose your servers world-location.
    Start Up, Grow-Big, Go-Go-Geek;
    Site-Ground ho-sting is u-nique.

  • Verse 4: Site-Ground web ho-sting raps with style:
    Awe-some discount all the while.
    The Web-site hosts that the fans adore:
    A-ma-zing value, that’s for sure!


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* The siteGround Rap * is a commercially-orientated single produced by Sharron-Idol on a limited release via CD Baby only. It was recorded in September 2016 in the hope of its being used to promote SiteGround Hosting services.

Copyright Sharron-Idol / Ice Recordings 2016.





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