Well that’s looking good: On this site I have a home page, I have a blog page, I have an about page, and I have this contact page. I also have a blog post too. Anything else that appears as a page or post on this site has been added, either by me or by hackers, since I wrote this piece.

*Note for my own future reference: It took me a few days of part-time work of average intensity to create this site as stated above in late August 2017, and more so in early September 2017.

This is, like, meant to be a contact page; but I’m not adding any forms plugin for the purpose. – I’ve added enough plugins already – and I’m not going to write and debug my own routine either; that takes too long, and I don’t want to spend ages creating this sub-domain site.

There is a contact page on my main website. There’s also a terms of service page, a testimonials page, and privacy policy page. Those are just as applicable to this site as they are to my main site; so guess what: I’m going to link to them, at the main site, below, on this page: –

* You can also find these links in the footer of pages and posts on this site.
You’ll also find them in the footer on the main website at
This link.

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