…And so to the About Page: A Page about this website and why I created it, and also, primarily, about my single
* The SiteGround Rap *.

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Well as you may be able to tell about this site from the website’s URL; this website is a sub-domain of my main website. You’ll also note from the big illustration above – on a totally different subject – that SiteGround can host your website in a country near you.

I had the idea of creating a website as a sub-domain in this way for all of my releases; but that really is too much work, so I decided to practice with a couple or three existing releases, and then do it for every future release, including the pre-release campaign, buzz-generators, offers and previews, the lot.

…And, as you can see here, one of the existing releases of mine that I chose to promote on a subdomain website was * The SiteGround Rap *.

The band have gone home.Unless you’re a regular CD Baby visitor or customer who visits my CD Baby page, or you regularly observe my personal Facebook feed, I don’t expect you’ve even heard of * The SiteGround Rap *.  – That’s because it’s on limited release via CD Baby only.

Below is a player that will play you the original music video, as it appears on You Tube but hosted on this site. Although you get the full works right here; I would ask you to support me by heading over to CD Baby and purchase the track for the few US Cents that I’m asking for it.

I was inspired to create this, having become an affiliate for SiteGround Hosting Services that year.

A while after I’d started as a SiteGround affiliate, this rap tune appeared in my head, as if someone had planted it there. I eventually created some music for it and synced the lyrics up with the beat.

Eventually I recorded it when I was in my studio one day. It sounded just the thing for getting the message over and promoting SiteGround’s services; but only having aired on Facebook and You Tube to date, with very little other promotion, it hasn’t really had a chance to be effective yet to date.


I’m hoping to get good at knocking out these small websites. At the moment it takes me about a week to get everything sorted as far as the sub-domain site is concerned. Obviously the process will be somewhat different when I’m preparing for a release. – We live and learn.

As you’ll note from the video above; * The SiteGround Rap * is a classic-style rap tune with commercial wording. It’s not particularly elegant in any way: In fact it’s quite simple, and is designed to send a simple message.

That’s about it then. – And so, like the gardener said when he was referring to an onion:
“ That shallot.”.
Have a great day.


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